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4 billion internet users

Half of the world’s population is now online and it this number grew by over 7% last year in 2017 alone. If you’re not yet convinced you need a digital strategy, we need to talk.

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There are two types of companies now, those that adapt to digital and those that don’t believe the first statement. Digital ad spending, especially mobile, continues to expand at record rates and the programmatic purchase of ads continues to be hot. In traditional media, print is of course still dead or dying. In 2019 look for an increase in advertising to large-bundle pay-tv subscribers which media companies need to remain viable. Billboard ad spending will level off in 2019 due to perceived  detrimental environmental affects and radio spending will decline.

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Whether big or small, compelling content is key to success but the delivery of that content continues to change as consumers demand unprecedented numbers of choices, personalization and flexibility in delivery methods. That’s why a digital strategy is key to any product, service, distributor or manufacturer. Everyone needs a digital strategy and flexible content is the currency used to trade in the digital world.

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Mobile First

People use a mobile device first to access most content because it's always-on and personalized for that person. We know this when we look at the analytics of our clients. In 2018, mobile will account for 70% of digital media consumption and over 50% of digital ad spending. If you don't have a mobile strategy and a responsive website, it's time to get one now.


Digital Video is Hot

True it's been hot for years but guess what? Digital video growth will continue to grow about 20% in 2018. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! Traditional media will continue to lose some market share to digital video advertising (ads on YouTube) are still small revenue generators compared to tv advertising.


Phones Are Flat

In the developed world, sales of new lines are flat because most everyone already has one or two phones. Growth in cell phones will come from two places: the developing world and selling new phones (read more expensive) to existing clients. Almost everyone in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. already has a phone.


Competition Is Getting Tougher

The advertising business isn't getting any easier with stiff competition, technical disruptions and shifting audience preferences. These days everyone seems to have a brother-in-law that does websites or plays with Photoshop. Successful ad agencies respond to these challenges by mixing appropriate amounts of digital presence with traditional advertising, giving their clients good analytics on engagement and interaction, making detailed bills, utilizing resources well and directing creative talent efficiently. Let us know if you need help on become more competitive and delivering great value to your clients.


Context Marketing

Simplify and become more client-centered or risk marginalization. Engagement and loyalty are key to being competitive in 2018. Offer it on digital or risk losing to the competition. Integrate Best can help connect websites to legacy systems (old databases) to create rich multi-channel customer experiences. Strive to be more client-focused and simplify product offerings.


One Size Doesn't Fit All

The growth in digital is amazing but technology continues to disrupt and create new ways to connect with consumers, especially millennials who seek out unique ways to connect with their brands. Programmatic advertising allows unprecedented targeting of job titles, habits, behaviors and locations. If you only buy mass market print and broadcast advertising, you need to find out what programmatic advertising can do for you and your clients' brands.


TV Hasn't Peaked Yet

Amazon, Hulu and Netflix continue to invest in scripted tv series, hoping maybe they have the next Game of Thrones but this strategy may not be very successful because consumers already have so many choices. Haven't we all said, how can there be nothing on I want to watch when I have 200 + channels?


Competition Is Getting Broader

Brochure websites are dead. Everything needs to have interactions and experiences. As clients and consumers demand more personal and flexible choices in every category of business from potato chips to shovels, computer nerds are entering the advertising business to deliver "function-first" digital experiences in social media, apps, signs and websites. That means the traditional design we love takes a back seat to things that actually perform tasks. Productivity is back and what you do needs to add not subtract from the final product. If 1998 called and wants their website back, please hang up and call us!


Form Follows Function–is still true today!

Image Source: WOCinTechChat, Icon Finder