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First thing we do is to get to know YOU!

Then we get to know your business, overall web presence, website and domain speed, security and authority. We focus on confirming your current goals for authoritative optimization. Consultations start with establishing identified points of action, affirming “KPIs” (Key Performance Indicators), and identifying any areas of improvement. KPIs are used measure your goals against website achievements. This is how we establish a firm understanding of your overall strategy and business goals. We establish a current baseline used for comparison so we know your business goals and strategy, outlining areas that may need improvement while ensuring that the identified KPI’s are being tracked correctly with standardized tracking software. We identify and suggest tactics designed to support the strategy (or strategies) for website goal achievement. Assisting agencies and individual clients with implementing the targeted strategies and tactics including: actionable goal status and progress reporting of website using real data, no guesses . We have many ways of helping you reach your goals including:marketing statistics, site interaction tracking, and authoritative content development. MORE INFORMATION


Quarterly Webmaster Checkup

Checks for domain, hosting, security, and configuration integrity in your website. This is the best way to ensure up time and security.


Strategy and Competitor Analysis

It does start with knowing you. Then we identify your competition’s strengths and weaknesses. We develop strategic options for you to overcome their strengths and exploit their weaknesses using digital options—websites, email newsletters, organic optimization, and paid search.


On page SEO

  • Keyword Research and Content Analysis
  • Title, Description, Heading, and Alt tag optimization
  • Linking
  • Internal linking structure
  • Outbound link analysis and selection
  • Landing page optimization

Off page SEO

  • Back link attraction and acquisition (including content marketing)
  • Analytics and Reporting:
  • Providing applicable, useful data to SEO’s and agencies, using established SEO and content marketing tools.

Content Creation

  • Core website pages
  • Landing pages
  • Blog posts
  • General copywriting
  • Copyediting

Reporting & Recommendations

No one likes to be in the dark. Regularly you will receive reports and recommendations in plain English about what happened, what’s likely happen, and option about where you can go next and what that costs.